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CubeSmart Self Storage - Woodinville - 15902 Woodinville-Redmond Rd

15902 Woodinville-Redmond Rd NE, Building BWoodinville WA 980728.9 miles away
3 out of 5 - Based on 2 reviews

Starting at $160.00

My 10x20 unit price increased 46% on Jan 2021 from $234 to $342 without any advanced warning!Full Review

20' Long Parking


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Trojan Storage of Bothell

1621 196th Street SoutheastBothell WA 980127.8 miles away
3.5 out of 5 - Based on 2 reviews

Starting at $160.00

We had hopeful plans of leaving the Tr-Cities at noon, but just the two of us loading a 26' Penske truck took a lot longer that planned. Considedering we had to drive at 45mph the entire way made a long trip. Come to find out the Penske truck ramp would not stay locked and kept coming out, since I was the front driver we didn't find out till Ellensburgh. Dan at Trojan storage went up and beyond the call of duty by meeting us at 6am. Dan was professional and kind, leading us to the perfect unit. Paper work went quickly and was clearly printed and went over all the rules and regulations. Had to buy a special lock, but it was worth it, knowing no bolt cutters will get anyone access into my unit. As I sell things I will be looking for smaller and smaller units, to keep costs down. I feel safe and secure here knowing there is always someone on the premises. Again Dan, thank you for your understanding and going way over the call of duty to get me into my unit.Full Review
Unauthorized entry into our unit without contacting us. They were doing remodeling for who knows what reason and made our door bigger. They contacted us the first time they were going to take the door off and we were able to watch while they were in our unit. They went back a second time without telling us and totally put stuff back in a mess. Not the way we had left it at all and even breaking some things in boxes that got crushed. We had been with the previous company a long time before Trojan took over and now they have raised our rates again for the second time where as the former company never raised our rate and kept it reasonable. Your prices go up and our income stays the same. Used to be a nice looking property also. The new owners decided plants and pretty flowers needed to be torn out for weeds,dirt and trash. They must have missed the California look.Full Review

10' x 20' Parking

1st Floor

25% OFF 3 Months

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Kingston Vault Self Storage

26909 Northeast State Highway 104Kingston WA 9834611.2 miles away
4.5 out of 5 - Based on 1 review

Starting at $119.00

8' x 25' Parking

1st Floor

50% OFF your first 2 month's rent! Plus a FREE high security lock! (Excludes parking spaces.)

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Greenwood Heated Storage

10115 Greenwood Ave NSeattle WA 981333.7 miles away

Starting at $296.00

8' x 20' Parking

1st Floor

50% OFF your first month's rent! Plus a FREE high security lock! (Excludes parking & mailboxes.)

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Eagle Self Storage - Woodinville, WA

6432 233rd Pl SEWoodinville WA 980729.4 miles away
5 out of 5 - Based on 10 reviews

Starting at $297.00

I dealt with very friendly staff, and the office was of great help! I liked the cleanliness, and a friend who came by today to help me store away my trailer, was also impressed by Eagle Self Storage!Full Review
Awesome storage unit with great customer service! Very happy with our experience here and definitely recommend to others in the area.Full Review

12' x 36' Parking

1st Floor

50% OFF your first month's rent! Plus a FREE high security lock! (Excludes parking spaces.)

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Newcastle Heated Storage

7115 132nd Place SoutheastNewcastle WA 9805917.2 miles away
4.5 out of 5 - Based on 20 reviews

Starting at $352.00

Staff was incredibly helpful and responsive. Premises were extremely clean and dry. Elevator was wide enough for two carts and allowed for large pieces of furniture with ease.Full Review
Staff and management were incredibly helpful in locating the right unit for me — size, orientation (wide or deep), floor, etc. Facility is clean and well lit. Price is the best I found in the Bellevue area.Full Review

9' x 20' Parking

1st Floor

50% OFF your first month's rent! Plus a FREE high security lock! (May exclude parking spaces.)

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Anchor Storage - Arlington

6121 172nd St NEArlington WA 9822328.9 miles away
4.5 out of 5 - Based on 4 reviews

Starting at $196.00

Very pleasant and efficient.Full Review
We were treated professionally and with warmth. Answered all our questions and escorted to our unit.Full Review

12' x 35' Parking

1st Floor

50% OFF your first month's rent! Plus a FREE high security lock! (Excludes parking spaces.)

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Storage Court - Federal Way

31031 21st Place SouthwestFederal Way WA 9802329.9 miles away
4 out of 5 - Based on 7 reviews

Starting at $145.00

The free moving truck was just what I need to pack everything in for a quick easy moving!Full Review
I spoke to someone at the facility the day before I moved in. He said I could meet him there the next day at 3:00, or do the paperwork on-line and I could move in any time I wanted to the next day. I chose to do the paperwork online, got the gate combination and loaded up my car the next morning. I went to the facility to move in and there were orange cones across the driveway. They were tarring the driveway by the entrance. I parked my car on the road, went to the office (wearing a mask and gloves), the gentleman inside would not speak to me-he pointed to the phone number on the door. So, I called and asked how to use the gate code-I put the numbers in and the gate didn't open. He said "if you'd read your contract, you'd know you have to press star at the end". I asked him why he didn't mention the re-tarring when I spoke to him on the phone the night before and he said "I didn't know". No "sorry for the inconvenience". He said I could walk down to the door of my unit's building and get a flatbed for my boxes, but that I would have to walk back and forth. No problem, I thanked him for his help. I went down to the door with a couple of boxes-it was also key coded, so I couldn't get in. I looked at my contract and it said the manager would have to open the door for me the first time and give me the code. (I guess he didn't read the contract either). I called him again, no answer, so I left a message asking for help with the door. Luckily a woman, who turned out to be the property manager, was walking by, and gave me the code when I asked her if she knew what it was (I thought she was another customer.) She said the guy working had gone to lunch and was very nice and apologetic. I would never recommend this place to anyone.Full Review
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Anchor Storage - North Marysville

13733 Smokey Point BlvdMarysville WA 9827126.3 miles away
4.5 out of 5 - Based on 5 reviews

Starting at $364.00

Site was very clean and well staffed. Seems to be very secure. Prompt service and very kind staffFull Review

12' x 30' Parking

16' Ceiling, 1st Floor, Covered

50% OFF your first month's rent! Plus a FREE high security lock! (Excludes parking spaces.)

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Daffodil Storage Port Orchard Boat & RV

1430 Lumsden RoadPort Orchard WA 9836722 miles away
3.5 out of 5 - Based on 1 review

Starting at $183.00

13' x 45' Parking


First Month 50% Off

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Shoreline, WA Car Storage Tips

Most Common Types of Car Storage

Indoor storage - Much like traditional self-storage, indoor storage units are the safest, most secure option for your vehicle, however because of that they are also the most expensive. Prices do vary by size, and some small cars/motorcycles can fit in a 10x10 or 10x15 unit, but your average size automobile will require a 10x20 unit.

Outdoor storage - Outdoor storage ranges from an unpaved lot to a dedicated parking spot on the facility grounds. Typically these spots are uncovered, however some outdoor options do have canopies you can park under. These spots will cost more than their uncovered counterpart, but they are still a much cheaper option than indoor vehicle storage.

Tips on How to Store a Car at a Storage Facility

  • Measure your car before you rent your unit to make sure you choose the right size
  • Give it a good cleaning before placing the vehicle in storage
  • Change the motor oil
  • Inflate the tires
  • Purchase fuel stabilizer
  • Once in storage, disconnect the battery
  • Don’t use a parking brake
  • Always keep your vehicle covered with a car cover

Frequently asked questions