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San Jose, CA Self Storage: FAQ

How much should I expect my rental rates to be on my storage unit in San Jose, CA?

You'll have a hard time telling a good price on storage from a great price when you're unfamiliar with how much self storage in San Jose typically costs to begin with. Comparing rates at facilities you booked storage at in other cities can give the wrong expectations, as the average price for storage could be hundreds of dollars different in that location. But you needn't fret, need to fret,as our analysts have sifted through the data and have all the figures on storage in San Jose that you might need.

Rental rates on storage in San Jose average $70.67 per month. At that rate, staying in a unit for a year would cost about $848.04, in case you need storage for a long period of time. This average does include all storage unit sizes, which means that it should be taken with a grain of salt. Units of different square footage can go for hundreds of dollars more or less than others, even in the same storage facility. In San Jose you'll have the option of renting six standard storage unit sizes, such as 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, and 10x30. The average monthly rental rates for each are:

Storage Unit SizeAverage Price in San Jose, CA

Is self storage in San Jose expensive?

As storage prices are closely tied to local real estate prices, it makes sense that rental rates can often differ substantially even in neighboring cities. It could indeed be that a facility just a mile or two outside of town offers a much lower rate, but you won't find that facility unless you include a wider area in your search. While it's true that accessing the unit will be more cumbersome the farther it is away, the potential savings could make you complacent with any extra inconvenience. In order to help you know whether or not to expand your search, the analysts at SelfStorage.com have done the math to figure out whether self-storage (also called mini storage or public self storage) in San Jose is relatively more or less expensive than other cities.

An average price of $70.67 a month for a storage unit makes San Jose the 149th most expensive city in California for self-storage, while California itself is the 9th most expensive state. When searching for storage in San Jose, expect to pay $20.69 less than California's average price of $91.36.

These average prices don't necessarily tell you how affordable storage in one city is compared to another, as the cost of living changes from place to place. We use our 'relative price' scale to calculate the relative affordability of storage in a given area using the state median income. The median income in California is $54,681.00, which means the average storage unit in San Jose would require 1.55% of a median earner's monthly income. Comparing this percentage to other cities in California shows us that it ranks at the 40th percentile and is therefore a somewhat cheap place to rent a self-storage unit.

In addition to being relatively cheap at the state level, storage in San Jose is also relatively cheap on the national scale, ranking at the 46th percentile when compared to other cities nationwide. To put that in more concrete terms, storage in San Jose should cost an average of $1.48 less than the national average price of 72.15.

Which areas of San Jose are least expensive for renting storage? Which areas are the priciest?

Prices on self storage in San Jose can change substantially with a few minutes drive in any direction. Storage is cheapest in the 95110 ZIP code in San Jose, where the average rental price is $131.36. Units rent at the highest price in the 95133 ZIP code, where they average $148.26 a month.

What are the cheapest months to rent storage in San Jose, CA? Which months are most expensive?

One of the most prominent factors involved with finding a cheap storage unit is the time of year you go searching for that unit, as storage prices change due to seasonal demand. This seasonality is primarily driven by moving season, which lasts from May to September and generally causes storage prices to spike. The day following Memorial Day is typically the busiest of the high season, and is known in the industry as 'National Moving Day' and 'Crazy Tuesday for the number of people who decided to move and rent storage on that day. In addition to families moving between homes, college students renting storage for the summer also contribute to demand during the high season, particularly in college towns.

According to our data, there's very little change in the average price of a storage unit throughout the year in San Jose, meaning you shouldn't have to put too much thought into seasonality when looking for your unit. But even if price changes are less of a risk in San Jose, locking in a rate is almost always a smart, safe move. You're most likely to get a good deal on a storage unit in San Jose during the month of March, when the average price is at its lowest, $70.67 a month. You're least likely to get a good deal in June, when the average price is a high $114.28.

What's storage facility coverage like in San Jose, CA? Are there plenty of facilities to choose from, or only a few?

More facilities in an area mean more options, with some cities offering storage-searchers a wide range and others one that's much more narrow. About how many storage facilties are serving the San Jose area?

According to our estimates, there are approximately 32 storage businesses operating facilities in San Jose. If you were wondering how that compares to other cities in the state, it's a very high number of facilities for a city: the average city in California offers only 9 storage facilities, 23 less than San Jose. In fact, San Jose's 32 facilities give it the 9th-highest count in the state out of all 253 cities. It's home to a surprising 1.47% of all facilities in California. Does San Jose perform as well against other cities outside of its state? In fact it does, as its 32 facilities put it 23 above the national average of 9 per city.

Of course, simply comparing cities irrespective of their various populations tells us very little about these cities, even when we're comparing San Jose to other cities in California. San Jose, CA has approximately 964,695 inhabitants. Do the 32 storage businesses there offer the community enough storage space? If we compare San Jose to other cities with populations of 250,000 to 1,000,000, we find that San Jose doesn't quite offer as much storage space as these others do. The average for cities in that bracket is 49, which of course beats San Jose by 17 facilities. One might point out that comparing San Jose to cities of a similar size doesn't prove its lack of storage for the size of the population, and that a better measure would be actually looking at its facilities per capita. Well, we have, and it has firmly strenthened our former results. Among storage facilities across the United States, San Jose ranks in the 4th percentile for self-storage facilities per resident. That extremely-low rank indicates a low amount of self storage space for the 964,695 inhabitants of San Jose, meaning the securing your ideal storage unit could be more difficult in San Jose than it is in other cities. Just as San Jose offers little storage space per person on a national scale, the same goes when we compare the city to others in its state, where it only ranks in the 6th percentile for facilities per capita.

Lastly, census data shows that San Jose is growing in population, though not as fast as the rest of its state. It saw a 6.7% increase from 2000 to 2010, a 3.3% less than the 10% growth that California saw as a whole. Recall, however, that San Jose also had a low number of storage facilities per person for its state, so while there might not be as much demand generated by inbound migration, demand may already be high due to its short supply.


Are you trying to reserve an especially affordable self storage unit in San Jose, CA? March is the best month of the year to find cheap storage, while the best bargains will be located in the 95110 ZIP code. If you can, try not to conduct your storage search during June, when units cost the most, and be aware that the 95133 area has the worst prices.

San Jose, the largest city in Northern California's Bay Area, was nicknamed the Capital of Silicon Valley. Since then, it has continued to grow using "Smart Growth" planning in order to avoid urban sprawl. Smart Growth planning focuses on developing multifamily homes in city centers, which means that many of San Jose residents find themselves living in apartment complexes that are conveniently located near schools, commerce and places of employment. As a result, San Jose self storage has become a popular solution to meet personal storage needs in the city.

Finding San Jose Self Storage In Your Neighborhood

While most business districts in major cities are marked by skyscrapers, the buildings in Downtown San Jose cannot have more than 27 stories because of the nearby Miineta San Jose International Airport. Despite this limitation, Downtown San Jose has still attracted many major employers, including Adobe Systems and BEA Systems. Downtown San Jose is also home to San Jose State University, which employs about 3,000 people and has an annual enrollment of about 31,000 students.

Search SelfStorage.com for San Jose storage units downtown using zip codes 95126 and 95112.

West San Jose, also known as the Santana Row area, is a popular residential neighborhood in San Jose. Although this neighborhood was once known for moderately priced housing, it has since become a more upscale neighborhood as real estate prices have soared. As real estate prices rise, many people find themselves giving up extra closets and bedrooms in their homes and relying on rented self storage in San Jose to make up the difference in space.

Search SelfStorage.com for San Jose storage units in West San Jose using zip codes 95129, 95117, and 95130.

Morgan Hill is gaining in popularity as one of the remaining parts of San Jose where people can find relatively inexpensive housing. While residents of this bedroom community typically have more storage space in their homes than people living in downtown apartment buildings, many people living here can utilize self storage units for seasonal items, recreational vehicles and boats. Select the Drive Up Access option from the Features & Amenities menu on SelfStorage.com to narrow your results to include units that can accommodate a boat.

Search SelfStorage.com for San Jose storage units in Morgan Hill using zip code 95037.

Willow Glen is another popular residential neighborhood in San Jose. Located just south of Downtown, this area is known for it's annual "Charlie Brown Trees" holiday tradition. Self storage units are a great way to keep seasonal decorations organized, safe, and out of the way when they aren't being used.

Search SelfStorage.com for San Jose storage units in Morgan Hill using zip codes 95128 and 95125.

SelfStorage.com makes researching and reserving San Jose self storage convenient. Simply enter your zip code into the search bar and then narrow your search results by choosing the unit size and special features you need. You can then sort your results by price or distance. For additional information, you can use the contact information listed on SelfStorage.com to reach individual storage facilities. Once you've found the best location for your individual needs, simply book your storage space online by entering your name, email address and a phone number. No credit card is required to book San Jose storage units on SelfStorage.com.

If you’re considering buying/selling a home instead of renting, it’s crucial to find a storage unit that will last you through the purchase or sale process. Especially when, according to Zillow, San Jose had an average home value of $610,000 which in the past year is up 0.161%.

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San Jose Self-Storage & Storage Units for Rent

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Price Location Unit Details Promotions Photos

Central Self Storage - San Jose II

San Jose, CA 95110
1.6 miles away
10x27 Unit
Free Truck with Move-In for New Tenants with Insurance & Deposit. Maximum of 25 miles. photo of Central Self Storage - San Jose II1
5 out of 5 stars
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Extra Storage Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA 95050
4.6 miles away
5x5 Unit
50% off the 1st Month! Reservations only valid for 7 days! photo of Extra Storage Santa Clara2
4 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Storage Solutions King Road

San Jose, CA 95133
2.2 miles away
10x20 Unit
photo of Storage Solutions King Road3
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Central Self Storage - San Jose

San Jose, CA 95110
1.7 miles away
4x3½ Unit
One full month of rent FREE on select units! photo of Central Self Storage - San Jose4
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

West Coast Self-Storage Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA 95050
4 miles away
5x5 Unit
photo of West Coast Self-Storage Santa Clara5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Super Space Self Storage Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, CA 94085
7.4 miles away
10x15 Unit
New Customers- 2 Months @ 25% off photo of Super Space Self Storage Sunnyvale6
4 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Los Gatos Storage Services

Los Gatos, CA 95030
8.4 miles away
4½x10 Unit
Price shown is 15% off. Guaranteed for 6 months photo of Los Gatos Storage Services7
5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Saf Keep Self Storage - Milpitas

Milpitas, CA 95035
4.8 miles away
10x24 Unit
REGULAR LOW RATE! Limited Supply! photo of Saf Keep Self Storage - Milpitas8
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Peninsula Storage Center II

Mountain View, CA 94043
12.9 miles away
5x5 Unit
photo of Peninsula Storage Center II9
5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Saf Keep Self Storage - Fremont - Osgood Road

Fremont, CA 94539
12 miles away
10x20 Unit
50% Off 1st Month's Rent! photo of Saf Keep Self Storage - Fremont - Osgood Road10
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Peninsula Storage Center I

Mountain View, CA 94043
12.9 miles away
5x2½ Unit
photo of Peninsula Storage Center I11
4 out of 5 stars
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Stanford Storage

Palo Alto, CA 94306
14.95 miles away

Back2Back Moving & Storage

Fremont, CA 94538
13.37 miles away

Claremont Storage Partners L.P.

Fremont, CA 94539
10.73 miles away

Fremont Mini Storage

Fremont, CA 94538
11.55 miles away

Moishe's Mobile Storage

Fremont, CA 94538
13.23 miles away

Holiday Storage

Fremont, CA 94539
13.14 miles away

Cal Self Storage

Fremont, CA 94538
12.12 miles away

Coyote Storage

Coyote, CA 95013
11.48 miles away

Mac Pro Warehouse Storage Services

Campbell, CA 95008
6.39 miles away
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