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Davenport Self Storage Units and Mini Storage in Davenport, Iowa

Self Storage in Davenport, IA: Frequently Asked Questions

How many storage facilities are there in Davenport, IA?

Successfully booking the storage unit you're looking for will have much to do with the number of self storage businesses in your city, as the more facilities there are the more options you'll have available. When it comes to the number of facilities operating in Davenport, how many options are available?

Analysts at SelfStorage.com report that there are an estimated 6 storage facilities located in the Davenport area. That's slightly higher than most other cities in Iowa, where each city averages 4 facilities, 2 less than what's available in Davenport. If we were to rank Davenport among the other 5 cities in Iowa, it would come out as the 2nd largest market for self storage, accounting for a surprising 28.58% of all facilities in the state. While Davenport certainly has moer facilities than most cities in its state, it's an underperformer on the national level, where it's under the national average of 9 by 3 facilities.

But of course, comparing the raw number of storage facilities in Davenport to other cities in Iowa and nationwide without taking population into account tells us very little. Are the 6 facilities in Davenport sufficient at supplying the 101,335 people who call it home with enough extra storage space? Upon review, we found that Davenport's community does seem underserved for the size of its population. Among cities in the 100,000 to 250,000 population bracket, the average number of facilities per city is 18. That's 12 more than we find in Davenport, and makes a good case for the claim that there's relatively-low storage space. But then again, such a population bracket covers a wide range of cities. A more accurate measure would be Davenport's per capita facility count--a measure which has corroborated our former results, showing Davenport to indeed have little storage for its size. In terms of facilities per capita, Davenport only ranks in the 12th percentile among cities on our storage network, which seems to indicate quite convincingly that the 6 storage businesses in Davenport is a very low number for a city of 101,335 people. Even for a Iowa city, Davenport doesn't seem to be inundated with an overabundance of self-storage space, as it only ranks in the 0th percentile for storage businesses per person among cities in the state.

We can't feel satisfied concluding our look at facilities per capita without mentioning the fact that Davenport is seeing some modest population growth. The city saw 3.1% more people move there from 2000-2010. Though that's not insignificant, it is 1% less growth than the 4.1% that Iowa in total saw. The relatively few people moving to Davenport might not be generating as much demand for storage as they are in faster-growing cities in Iowa, but keep in mind that Davenport already has few storage facilities for its size, meaning it's not quite the storage seeker's market.

What are the cheapest months to rent storage in Davenport, IA? Which months are most expensive?

Rental rates on self storage units can change significantly from one month to the next over the course of the year, climbing higher or diving lower depending on the season. Peaking in May through September, when most people in the United States move, and dropping to their lowest in October through March, when far fewer people move homes, storage prices and closely linked to moving patterns. The high season is considered to be in full swing on National Moving Day, also called 'Crazy Tuesday,' the day after Memorial Day. University towns often see the sharpest seasonal spikes, as college students rent a significant number of storage units when they go home during their summer break. Smaller sized units in particular will see a rise in price during this period.

The price difference between high and low seasons in Davenport is minimal, which means you shouldn't have to worry about huge rate changes from one season to the next. But even if price changes are less of a risk in Davenport, locking in a rate is almost always a smart, safe move. December is the least expensive month for storage in Davenport, with an average price of $47.25 for a storage unit. November is the most expensive month, when storage goes for an average rate of $58.18.

Is storage in Davenport cheaper than in other cities?

It's often true that certain areas in a city offer much lower storage rental rates than others. It could indeed be that a facility just a mile or two outside of town offers a much lower rate, but you won't find that facility unless you include a wider area in your search. This might make it more difficult to access your unit, but the extra money in your pocket every month may just be worth it. That being said, if we can determine that self-storage (which also goes by mini storage and public storage) prices are lower in Davenport than in other nearby cities, we can make it easier for you to decide whether or not to take the time on a wider search.

With its average price of $58.18 a month for a unit, Davenport is the 2nd most expensive city for self-storage in the state of Iowa, which itself is the 36th most-expensive state for storage. When searching for storage in Davenport, expect to pay $3.79 less than Iowa's average price of $61.97.

But average prices don't necessarily tell you how affordable storage is in a given city, as money goes further in some states than it does in others. In order to establish some kind of index of affordability for Davenport storage, we've developed a 'relative price' scale which takes the cost of living in terms of state median income into account. The median income in Iowa is $50,391.00, which means the average storage unit in Davenport would require 1.39% of a median earner's monthly income. When compared to storage price as a percent of income in other cities in Iowa, Davenport ranks in the 75th percentile, which means that self-storage here is quite expensive.

But on the other hand, storage in Davenport is relatively cheap when we compare it to cities across our national network, ranking at the 37th percentile nationwide. The national average monthly price of a storage unit is $72.15. Depending on the size of unit you rent and the time of year, you should expect to pay approximately $13.97 less than that for self storage in Davenport.

Which areas of Davenport are most inexpensive for self-storage units? Which areas are the highest priced?

As they are closely linked to real estate prices, self storage unit prices can be very different in one part of Davenport to another. You'll find the best prices on storage in the 52807 ZIP code, which averages $66.43 a month for a storage unit. You might want to avoid searching in the 33897 ZIP code, which, with its average unit price of $112.88 a month, is the costliest place for self storage in Davenport.

How much do storage facilities in Davenport, IA typically charge per month for a self storage unit?

You'll won't have the easiest of times telling a good deal on storage in Davenport from a great one if you don't know what storage in Davenport usually rents for. Past experience booking storage in other cities can be misleading, as average prices will be totally different in other cities--even other cities in IA. But you needn't fret, need to fret,as our analysts have sifted through the data and have all the figures on storage in Davenport that you might need.

The average rental rate of a self storage unit in Davenport is $58.18 a month. For you long-term storage seekers out there, that's about $698.16 per year. This average does include all storage unit sizes, which means that it should be taken with a grain of salt. There often are substanial price gaps between the various unit sizes. Self storage in Davenport comes in these standard sizes: 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20. The average rental rates for each size of storage unit found in Davenport are:

Storage Unit SizeAverage Price in Davenport, IA


Are you trying to reserve an extremely low rate on a self storage unit in Davenport, IA? December is the best month to find inexpensive storage, and the least expensive units are located in the 52807 ZIP code. Do your best to avoid searching in November, when unit prices hit their pinnacle, and beware that the 33897 area is pricier than other areas.

Davenport self storage typically costs between $38 and $85 a month. Storage is currently in stock.

If you’re considering buying/selling a home instead of renting, it’s crucial to find a storage unit that will last you through the purchase or sale process. Especially when, according to Zillow, Davenport had an average home value of $109,900 which in the past year is up 0.029%.

SelfStorage.com Renters' Score

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Average Cleanliness: 3.7 out of 5
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The SelfStorage Renters' Score provides a review of Davenport Self Storage facilities based on the feedback from the community of online renters. Be sure to read renters' reviews of individual facilities before you book.

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Davenport Self-Storage & Storage Units for Rent

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Price Location Unit Details Promotions Photos

QC Storage, LLC

Davenport, IA 52806
5.1 miles away
9x7 Unit
No admin fee with your online reservation! photo of QC Storage, LLC1
3 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Peoples Mini Storage, LLC.

Davenport, IA 52807
3.5 miles away
5x10 Unit
No admin fee with your online reservation! Security deposit required! photo of Peoples Mini Storage, LLC.2
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Next Door Self Storage - East Moline, IL

East Moline, IL 61244
9.3 miles away
5x15 Unit
photo of Next Door Self Storage - East Moline, IL3 Check Availability

Next Door Self Storage - Silvis, IL (Annex)

Silvis, IL 61282
8.5 miles away
5x10 Unit
Move in for $1 + Free Move in Truck photo of Next Door Self Storage - Silvis, IL (Annex)4 Check Availability

Cloverleaf Storage

Davenport, IA 52802
5.1 miles away
10x10 Unit
Roll-up Door Units may be available photo of Cloverleaf Storage5
4 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Grell Enterprises

Rock Island, IL 61201
3.8 miles away
11x28 Unit
photo of Grell Enterprises6 Check Availability

Next Door Self Storage - Silvis, IL

Silvis, IL 61282
8.5 miles away
5x10 Unit
photo of Next Door Self Storage - Silvis, IL7
4 out of 5 stars
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Murphy's Silvis Self Storage

Silvis, IL 61282
8.47 miles away

G & J Mini Storage

Rock Island, IL 61201
4.2 miles away

Downtown Discount Storage

Rock Island, IL 61201
1.15 miles away

Newberry's Storage

Orion, IL 61273
11.87 miles away

Interstate Mini-Storage

Moline, IL 61265
5.63 miles away

Heritage Self Storage

Moline, IL 61265
6.7 miles away

Handy Storage

Moline, IL 61265
5 miles away


Moline, IL 61265
6.72 miles away

52Nd Av Self Storage Garages

Moline, IL 61265
4.79 miles away

Exit 15 Self - Storage

Milan, IL 61264
9.33 miles away

B B Mini Max Storage Milan Ii

Milan, IL 61264
5.36 miles away

Airport Road Mini Storage

Milan, IL 61264
5.59 miles away

67 Storage

Milan, IL 61264
6.5 miles away
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