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Cincinnati Self Storage Units and Mini Storage in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Self Storage in Cincinnati: FAQ

One of the great American cities, Cincinnati sits on the northern shore of a kink in the Ohio river, staring across from Kentucky. Back in the days when steamboats were the major mode of shipping and transportation, Cincinnati was the first great inland American city, only to be surpassed by Chicago once railroads began to take over. Though Cincinnati's days of a boomtown are long gone and Cleveland and Columbus have become Ohio's main metropolises, Cincinnati still commands a strong economy with a diversified set of industries and a number of Fortune 500 company headquarters. Sports are a large part of Cincinnati life, and the city features two professional teams, the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and the Cincinnati Bengals football team. Of course, if you're a Cincinnatian then you know this well. But do you know how much a self storage unit costs to rent in Cincinnati, or which ZIP codes offer the best prices on storage?

Is self storage in Cincinnati cheap?

As storage prices are closely tied to local real estate prices, it makes sense that rental rates can often differ substantially even in neighboring cities. That's why those looking for the best deal on a storage unit should expand the area of their search as far and wide as possible. Depending on how often you'll need to access your unit, this could be the way to go. If we can show that self-storage (also known as public self storage and mini storage) in Cincinnati is more expensive than its surroundings, then you'll know to expand your search.

Cincinnati is the 31st most expensive city for self storage in the state of Ohio, with the average price of a storage unit there coming in at $70.2. Ohio itself is the 30th most expensive state for storage. To give you a better idea of what this means, Cincinnati's average price is $6.45 more than the state average of $63.75.

These average prices don't necessarily tell you how affordable storage in one city is compared to another, as the cost of living changes from place to place. That's why we've developed a 'relative price' scale that takes state median income into account. A storage unit in Cincinnati will on average cost 1.83% of a median earner's monthly income, given that the yearly median income in Ohio is $45,991.00. When we compare this storage price as a percent of income to other cities in Ohio, we find that it ranks in the 65th percentile, making it a fairly expensive place to rent storage.

In addition, storage in Cincinnati is also somewhat expensive on the national scale, ranking at the 60th percentile compared to other cities across the nation. Expect to pay $1.95 less than the national average of $72.15 when searching for self storage in Cincinnati.

What's the best time of year to book self storage in Cincinnati, OH?

One of the most prominent factors involved with finding a cheap storage unit is the time of year you go searching for that unit, as storage prices change due to seasonal demand. This seasonality, which is primarily generated by national moving patterns, hits its zenith in the late spring and early summer, and its nadir in the fall and winter. Memorial Day weekend marks the definitive end to the low season. The following Tuesday is often so busy that it's popularly known as 'Crazy Tuesday' within the self storage industry. Seasonal prices are often even more extreme in college towns, where students book a large number of self storage units during their summer vacation.

Cincinnati, according to our data, is virtually unaffected by seasonality relative to other cities, with lower highs and higher lows relative to what other cities experience. However, even though prices are less likely to change dramatically in Cincinnati, locking in a rate for your entire stay often allows you to bargain the total price down. With its average price of $46.64, November is the cheapest month to book storage in Cincinnati. With an average price of $79.71, February is the most expensive month to rent storage in Cincinnati.

How much do storage businesses in Cincinnati charge per month for a storage unit?

It's hard to tell a good price on storage from a great one when you're unaware of how much self storage in Cincinnati should cost in the first place. Since the average price of storage can be over $100 different between two cities in the same state, any past experiences booking storage elsewhere will be little help here. But there's no need to worry: we here at SelfStorage.com have all the data to help you go into your storage search well-informed.

On average, a storage unit in Cincinnati goes for $70.2 a month. At those rates, a year-long stay in a unit will cost about $842.4, in case your storage needs are more long term. It's important to note here that that average price does include all standard storage unit sizes. The price difference between the smallest units and the largest can be huge. The standard sizes of storage available in Cincinnati include 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, and 10x30. Here are the average monthly rates for each size:

Storage Unit SizeAverage Price in Cincinnati, OH

Are there plenty of storage facilities in Cincinnati, or might I need to expand my search into surrounding towns and suburbs?

Some communities are home to plenty of storage businesses, offering those looking for storage a wide variety of choices, while other communities are less-well served and may need to expand their search into neighboring cities and suburbs. When it comes to the number of facilities operating in Cincinnati, how many options are available?

SelfStorage.com has 87 storage facilties in Cincinnati, OH listed on its network. How does that number compare to other communities? It's a full 78 facilities more than the average city in Ohio, where there are an average 9 facilities in each city. Indeed, Cincinnati ranks as the 1st city out of the 88 cities on our network in Ohio in terms of number of storage facilities, accounting for a whopping 11.53% of facilities in the state. How does Cincinnati fare against cities outside of Ohio? On a national scale, it still has more facilities than the average city, 78 more than the average 9, to be more precise.

But how does Cincinnati compare to the rest of Ohio and the nation on a per capita basis? After all, not controlling for population makes most city comparisons obsolete. Cincinnati, OH has approximately 333,012 inhabitants. Do the 87 storage businesses there offer the community enough storage space? As it turns out, Cincinnati actually does have a large amount of storage space for its size. Nationwide, cities with populations of 250,000 to 1,000,000 have an average 49 storage facilities, which is of course 38 less than the 87 found in Cincinnati. In addition, if we look at Cincinnati's per capita facility count, our former findings seem to be definitively supported: Cincinnati does seem to have a large number of facilities for its size. On a national scale, Cincinnati ranks moderately high for its self-storage facilities per capita, placing it in the 56th percentile. In other words, there should be plenty of extra storage space for the 333,012 people living there. When it comes to cities in Ohio, Cincinnati still has a comparatively-high level of storage space per capita, ranking in at the 52nd percentile.

We feel we should also mention the fact that Cincinnati has seen moderate population increases in the past decade, jumping 0.5% from 2000 to 2010. That's not an inconsequential increase, however it is 1.1% less than the 1.6% growth the state of Ohio saw in total. Combine Cincinnati's lower population growth than the rest of Ohio with its above-average number of facilities per capita for the state, and you get a recipe for relatively low storage demand, which should make the job of finding a unit easier.

Which areas of Cincinnati are least expensive for renting storage units? Which areas are the most high-priced?

Self Storage rates can change dramatically from one neighborhood to the next in Cincinnati. The cheapest place for storage space in Cincinnati is within the 45211 ZIP code. The average unit there goes for $69.69 a month. On the other hand, the 45209 ZIP code is the costliest area of Cincinnati to rent a storage unit, with rental rates averaging $125.00 a month.


Do you want to book an unbeleivably cheap self storage unit in Cincinnati, OH? Storage units are at their lowest prices during November within the 45211 ZIP code. The worst time of the year to look for storage is February, which is the most expensive time to book a unit, and be cognizant of the fact that the 45209 area has the worst prices.

Cincinnati, OH self storage typically costs between $35 and $245 a month. Storage is currently in stock.

If you’re considering buying/selling a home instead of renting, it’s crucial to find a storage unit that will last you through the purchase or sale process. Especially when, according to Zillow, Cincinnati had an average home value of $112,500 which in the past year is up 0.037%.

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Cincinnati Self-Storage & Storage Units for Rent

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Price Location Unit Details Promotions Photos

Stor-All - Alfred

Cincinnati, OH 45214
2.2 miles away
10x61 Workspace
photo of Stor-All - Alfred1
5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Simply Storage - South Fairmount/Queen City

Cincinnati, OH 45214
2.5 miles away
5x5 Unit
photo of Simply Storage - South Fairmount/Queen City2
4 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Uncle Bob's Self Storage - Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH 45209
5.5 miles away
5x5 Unit
Free Truck when you reserve online! photo of Uncle Bob's Self Storage - Cincinnati3
4 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Simply Storage - Reading

Reading, OH 45237
8.6 miles away
10x10 Unit
photo of Simply Storage - Reading4
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Glenway Storage

Cincinnati, OH 45211
6.7 miles away
5x10 Unit
photo of Glenway Storage5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Simply Storage - Norwood

Cincinnati, OH 45212
5 miles away
5x5 Unit
photo of Simply Storage - Norwood6
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Simply Storage - North Bend Road/Finneytown

Cincinnati, OH 45224
6.8 miles away
5x10 Unit
photo of Simply Storage - North Bend Road/Finneytown7
4 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Simply Storage - Cheviot/Colerain

Cincinnati, OH 45247
7.6 miles away
10x20 Unit
photo of Simply Storage - Cheviot/Colerain8
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Simply Storage - Madison Road/Hyde Park

Cincinnati, OH 45227
6.6 miles away
10x10 Unit
photo of Simply Storage - Madison Road/Hyde Park9
4.5 out of 5 stars
Check Availability

Simply Storage - Blue Ash

Cincinnati, OH 45236
10.4 miles away
5x10 Unit
photo of Simply Storage - Blue Ash10 Check Availability

Cleves Self Storage

Cleves, OH 45002
14.69 miles away

Miamitown Self Storage

Cleves, OH 45002
12.94 miles away

Jw Self Storage

Cincinnati, OH 45245
11.78 miles away

Mack Storage

Cincinnati, OH 45237
6.22 miles away

Stor-All Alfred

Cincinnati, OH 45214
2.17 miles away

Add Space Self Storage Spring Grove

Cincinnati, OH 45232
4.56 miles away

Reading-Roselawn Self Storage

Reading, OH 45237
8.08 miles away

Circle Self Storage

Cincinnati, OH 45242
13.71 miles away

Custom Store & Lock

Forest Park, OH 45240
11.95 miles away

Westside Storage

Cincinnati, OH 45238
6.43 miles away
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