Welcome to Iowa

Your life in the Hawkeye State begins


Welcome to Iowa

As more people look to the middle of the country to find a new home, Iowa has shown true promise as an amazing place to live. Beautiful meadows, hills, fields, and lush forests make this state an ideal playground for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a more rural lifestyle. All four seasons await those who are looking to escape climates that are too hot or cold for their comfort.

Iowans welcome with open arms those who are looking to relocate for a better quality of life. The metro areas including Des Moines and Cedar Rapids are growing rapidly and jobs are being created at a fast rate as well. People looking to escape high cost of city living in urban areas are finding Iowa to be a nice place to call home.

Iowa Self-Storage Facts

Self-storage development has been surging from coast-to-coast, the heartland included. Iowa has seen an uptick in self-storage development, along with the rest of the country. In fact, construction spending on self-storage facilities is at record levels as self-storage companies seek to capture excess demand in markets of all sizes across the nation. Many self-storage developers are investing in new building new sites in Iowa, renovating and expanding existing facilities, as well as turning closed down big-box stores into state-of-the-art self-storage facilities.

Below is an overview of the current state of the Iowa self-storage market:

Below are some statistics that provide an overview of the self-storage industry in Iowa:


Iowa is home to about 547 self-storage facilities.


Iowa self-storage facilities cover 13,473,893 square feet of storage space.


Iowa storage facilities offer 4.34 square feet of storage per person, which is less than the national average of 5.4 square feet per person.

Reasons to Move to Iowa

If you are planning on making a move soon, here is a list of reasons why you might want to consider Iowa:


Iowa State Fair. This annual event in Des Moines is full of rides, games, food and fun for the whole family! Be sure to check out the tradition of the Butter Cow Sculpture. Since 1911, five different sculptors have gotten the honor of making the Butter Cow. The sculptors have also done companion sculptures for the Butter Cow including the Peanuts gang, John Wayne and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to name a few.


Nature. If you are a nature lover, Iowa has some gems for you. From grand lakes to caves and dense forests, there is plenty of fresh air, hiking, and spelunking to go around.


Grotto of the Redemption. In West Bend, Iowa, Father Paul Daubberstein made a shrine of shells, rocks, and fossils to make up what is believed to be the largest grotto in the world. More than 100,000 people visit the grotto each year.


If you build it, they will come. The popular baseball movie, Field of Dreams, was filmed at a house in Dyersville, Iowa. The house is open for tours and comes complete with a retail shop and has an option to rent out the whole house if you want to reenact the movie yourself.


Organic farms. Iowa is 5th in the nation for the amount of organic farms it has. In 2016 there were 732 organic farms in Iowa and that trend is gaining momentum. Iowans certainly do care about their local, seasonal, and organic produce.


Low cost of living. Iowa’s cost of living is well below the national average mostly due to the existence of quality, inexpensive housing. With the median home price currently sitting at $144,000, it’s easy to see why people want to make Iowa their new home.


Safety. If you are looking for a place to live that gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety, you will be thrilled to learn that Iowa is the 6th safest state to live in the United States.


Friendly folks. What they say about Midwestern hospitality is certainly true. Iowans are known for kind smiles and welcoming strangers with open arms.


Business is good. Iowa has been listed as one of the best states in the nation to start a business. Low costs associated with taxes, utilities, and real estate makes the state perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur or business person looking to cut costs by moving location.


Location. Iowa is bordered shares borders with Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. The centralized Midwestern location allows for quicker business travel and gives residents plenty of options for weekend trips.

Moving to Iowa

Iowa had a population growth rate of 0.38% in 2019 and now has an estimated population of 3.17 million. That makes the state the 31st largest in terms of population. Iowa’s population is projected to grow to 3.32 million by 2030. Many entrepreneurs are moving to Iowa because the cost of starting a business there is below the national average. From 2000-2008, urban centers had a population increase of 8.5%, while the more rural communities had a loss of 4.2%.

Iowa Economic Outlook

Iowa has a diverse job market with the GDP reaching $157 billion in 2016. That accounts for .97% of the National GDP, setting its place as the 30th largest in the US. The unemployment rate is currently sitting at 2.5%, which is down one full percent from 2015.

Below is a breakdown of Iowa's largest sectors by real value GDP added:

$32.9 billion
$20.1 billion
$17.9 billion
Real estate, rental and leasing
$19.9 billion
Finance and insurance
$9.3 billion
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

Business showed signs of growth in 2018 by adding 11,200 jobs to the payroll. The manufacturing industry continues to show signs of strong growth, especially amongst the durable goods sector which accounts for big ticket items such as heavy machinery. BestPlaces.net rated Iowa’s overall cost of living at 89.5 out of 100, which means it has a lower cost of living than the national average.

Who are Iowa's Largest Employers?

Hy-Vee (Midwest Supermarket Chain)
Casey’s General Stores
Rockwell Collins
Principal Financial Group
University of Iowa

Places to live in Iowa

Iowa rests in the middle of the nation and takes up a space of 56,273 square miles. The state stretches 200 miles wide and 310 miles long. It is the only state whose borders to the east and west are marked by rivers. The mighty Mississippi lays to the East, and the Big Sioux and Missouri Rivers lay to the West. The land is made up of green rolling hills and rich farmland.

Des Moines

The capital of Iowa is the most populated city in the state with an estimated 207,510 residents. It Is the 91st most populated metro area in the nation. Des Moines is home to many insurance company headquarters and financial institutions. The city gets its name from the Des Moines River, which means River of the Monks in French.

Cost of living
10% lower than national average
Median home price
Average rent
$657 per month
Average apartment size
761 square feet

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids is the second most populous city in Iowa. The population is more than 128,429 and it is the county seat of Linn County. Cedar Rapids is home to the Mother Mosque of America, which is the oldest mosque in North America.

Cost of living
3% lower than national average
Median home price
Average rent
$657 per month


Davenport is the third largest city in Iowa with 102,157 residents. The city is located on the Mississippi river, halfway between Des Moines and Chicago. The city is home to a large manufacturing industry that supports over 7,000 jobs.

Cost of living
3% lower than national average
Median home price
Average rent
$905 per month

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