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Whether you need short-term storage while you relocate within the Houston area, are a college student on summer break or a business owner looking to store extra inventory and supplies, a self-storage unit is an easy and convenient solution. On SelfStorage.com you'll find listings for storage facilities across the Houston area with storage units in a variety of sizes with amenities like 24-hour access and climate control. The easiest way to find the right storage unit near you is to search by your ZIP code, address or neighborhood and filter the results by your preferred amenities and storage unit size.

Moving to Houston

Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth most populous city in the U.S., with a population of over 2.3 million in 2020. Located in Harris County, Houston is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Houston is very diverse due to its academic institutions and status as a port city. Residents of Houston speak over 90 languages, and the city has one of the youngest populations in the country.

If you are considering a move to Houston, whether as a college student, a family, or a business, this article will outline some of the things you should know about Houston.

Cost of Home Property Rentals in Houston

The financial cost to live in Houston is low, mainly because the home rentals and purchase prices are slightly lower than the national average. As a result, new city residents can afford larger homes than they did in other places. In addition, college students attending universities such as the University of Houston and Texas Southern University can choose house sharing or can decide to go the solo housing route, given the lower cost of living in Houston.

Business Opportunities

The office space to rent in Houston is divided into three classes, A, Band C, and A-class is the most expensive of the three. Houston boasts over 200 million square feet of office space, making it one of the largest office markets in the U.S. When looking for office space in Houston, it's essential to understand the various types of leases. A shared space is a good option for a company's first office. Smaller and earlier-stage businesses may benefit from subleasing office space since it involves less commitment than a traditional lease.

People may think they need to be in the gas and oil industries to work in Houston, but there is much more to this metropolitan area's economy. Houston is home to several Fortune 500 companies, including ConocoPhillips and Sysco. In addition, the city was ranked one of the top metro manufacturing areas in the U.S. The Texas Medical center, one of the largest medical campuses worldwide, houses more than 50 health and educational research institutions. Houston is also the hub of aerospace, housing NASA's Johnson Space center.

Neighborhoods in Houston

Houston has many diverse neighborhoods, including:

Houston Heights

Often called ''The Heights'', this neighborhood- with its delightful bungalows and walkable streets- provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Montrose, Downtown, and Midtown.

The Heights is one of Houston's oldest neighborhoods, with various single-family dwellings boasting Victorian, Queen Anne, and Craftsman styles. Not only are these housing styles a defining feature of the Houston Heights but the highly walkable streets and cute vintage shops are part of its charm. Because the neighborhood is a historically protected area, there are strict design guidelines for anyone who decides to build here.


This neighborhood is edgy and hip, which is why it has been nicknamed ''Houston's Austin'' in reference to the high energy found in the city of Austin. This artsy community is close to the museum district, which houses some top cultural destinations. Full of fabulous restaurants, great bars, art galleries, and live music, this neighborhood is sure to appeal to your inner hippie.

Use Self Storage Units to Make Your Move to Houston Easier

Now that you know more about Houston, you can use a storage unit to make the move to Houston easier. Whether relocating your home or business to Houston, renting a Houston self-storage unit is a good idea to store any extra belongings you may not need in the immediate future. You can relax knowing your belongings are safe and sound until you need them. If you are an out-of-town university student staying in Houston when school is in session, self-storage space is a good choice not only for moving but for storing your stuff during the semester. Browse self-storage units in Houston to find the best rental space for you.

Frequently asked questions

This unit size can effectively accommodate contents of a small room like a twin bed, small chairs, a dresser, lamps, and several boxes.

Generally, monthly rental costs for a 10 x 10 storage unit are about $88.58 in Houston, TX.

The security of your property in a self storage facility depends on the types of security measures that the facility implements. Top-rated facilities often implement 24/7 surveillance cameras, individual unit alarms, coded entry gates, and regular patrols by security personnel.

It's not a standard practice for prices to decrease if you rent more than one storage unit. This is influenced by the particular policies of each facility. In comparison, the average price for a storage unit in Houston is $73.79.

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Best Priced Storage Units in Houston, TX

A storage unit's price is based on several factors, including the facility's amenities (such as 24/7 access, free use of truck), the storage unit's amenities (such as climate control, electrical outlet), facility location, unit location (a ground floor unit will be more expensive), and overall demand in your area.

When looking at pricing for storage units in Houston, it's important to think about rental rates in terms of price for value. Sometimes, the cheapest storage unit doesn't always mean it's the best unit for YOUR needs.