If New Jersey Were a Storage Unit, What Countries Would Fit Inside?

Our maps show how different countries would fit inside New Jersey

New Jersey isn't the largest of states; at 8,722 square miles there are only three US states that are smaller by area. So it might come as a surprise to learn that out of roughly 200 counties (depending on how you define a country) New Jersey would rank as the 147th largest, making it larger than approximately 53 sovereign nations. Since this might be a hard thing to picture, we've come up with a pretty zany way of illustrating it, by framing it a hypothetical appropriate for our company: if New Jersey were a storage unit, what countries would fit inside?

Of course, using maps to illustrate size is a tricky matter, since most 2D map projections distort size in favor of shape. This includes the Mercator Projection used by Google Maps. Fortunately, we found thetruesize.com, a tool which runs on top of Google Maps and accounts for these distortions, allowing for accurate size comparisons. Now you can see exactly how these countries would fit inside of your New Jersey self storage unit.

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