If Oklahoma Were a Storage Unit, What Countries Would Fit Inside?

Pictured above: Oklahoma storing Ireland

Our maps show how different countries would fit inside Oklahoma

Oklahoma could be described as a big-to-medium sized state, its 69,898 square miles ranking it as the 20th largest US state by area, just behind North Dakota and ahead of neighboring Missouri. As it turns out, you could also describe Oklahoma that way in comparison to the world's countries. If Oklahoma were a country, it would be the 88th largest by area, falling just behind Syria and ahead of Cambodia. With 200 or so countries in the world, that means that there are 112 sovereign nations that are actually smaller than Oklahoma. In order to illustrate how some of these countries compare in size to Oklahoma, we came up with a hypothetical scenario appropriate for SelfStorage.com: if Oklahoma were a storage unit, how would other countries fit inside?

Of course, using maps to illustrate size is a tricky matter, since most 2D map projections distort size in favor of shape. This includes the Mercator Projection used by Google Maps. Fortunately, we found thetruesize.com, a tool which runs on top of Google Maps and accounts for these distortions, allowing for accurate size comparisons. Now you can see exactly how these countries would fit inside of your Oklahoma self storage unit.

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