Welcome to Colorado

Your life in the Centennial State begins


Welcome to Colorado

In 1876, Colorado was the 38th state admitted. Coincidentally, the centennial of the Declaration of Independence was that same year, which earned Colorado the nickname the “Centennial State.” With some of the tallest mountains in the country, it’s a popular destination for those who love to ski and snowboard, specifically in Vail and Aspen. It’s not only the Rocky Mountains attracting people; the Great Plains and desert regions are vividly stunning, as well. Colorado is one of the “Four Corners” states, bordered by Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Utah.

Surprisingly enough, Colorado isn’t one massive blizzard year-round. Instead, with a range of 22 ℉ to 89 ℉ temperatures throughout the year, the weather is mostly dry, sunny, and comfortable with the occasional snowstorm. However, the locals claim that the snow is usually power-like and melts away by noon. Coloradans are well-known for leading a highly active and healthy lifestyle, even with the legalization of marijuana in the state in 2012.

Colorado Self-Storage Facts

The self-storage industry has been booming nationwide, and Colorado has been one of the hottest markets for self-storage development. Denver has seen as a surge in activity, as have other markets in Colorado that are popular with retirees. A lack of new development in the preceding years precipitated the current building frenzy. Storage development usually follows behind the development of new residential space, as its users typically are in the midst of a move from one location to another. Developers continue to pursue ground up development, as well as the conversion of vacant big box stores like Sears and Kmart into self-storage facilities. Development is expected to wane in the coming years, but Colorado is expected to remain one of the strongest markets for self-storage in the nation.

Below are some statistics that provide an overview of the self-storage industry in Colorado:


Colorado is home to about 892 self-storage facilities.


Colorado self-storage facilities cover 36,099,642 square feet of storage space.


Colorado storage facilities offer 6.82 square feet of storage per person, which is more than the national average of 5.4 square feet per person.

Reasons to Move to Colorado

If you are wondering if California is right for you, consider the following points:


Breathtaking views. Few places on earth are as diverse and stunning as the landscape in Colorado. From the mountains to the desert dunes to the prairie lands, it’s easy to reconnect with nature here.


Adventure. If Colorado offers one thing, it provides a deeply-rooted sense of adventure. With numerous outdoor activities, a shortage of new ventures doesn’t exist with the residents here. Plus, with Colorado’s diverse geography, few individuals repeat the same adventure twice.


City living. If you’re someone who enjoys getting in touch with nature one minute, then ordering a warm, frothy coffee the next minute, Colorado is for you. With such a small separation between the great outdoors and city living, Coloradans get the best of both worlds simultaneously.


Legalization. Since 2012, marijuana has been legal in Colorado. Of course, this particular legalization didn’t come without rules and regulations. Still, it’s one reason for Colorado’s recent population boom.


Job opportunities. The job market in Colorado is promising, offering both skilled and unskilled positions to its residents. Since the mid-90s, job growth has never been more secure and consistent. Also, nearly 7% of workers telecommute, so sitting in a dreary office isn't always reality here.


Personal wellness. It’s widespread that Coloradans live a healthier and more active lifestyle than most others around the U.S. With so much opportunity for outdoor fun and adventure, it only makes sense, after all.


Comfortable weather. Most people assume that Colorado is all ice and cold, but it’s far more than its snowy peaks. The summers hover in the 80s, and the winters don’t often dip below freezing. Plus, it’s sunny and dry most of the time, which is excellent mood-boosting weather.


It’s a skiers utopia. With the vast amount of snow-covered mountains, Colorado is a skier’s dream destination. Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, and other cities provide dozens of skiing resorts as well as perfectly crisp slopes.


The craft beer. Colorado has such a rich brewing history that its residents have made brewery hopping a lifestyle. From the famous Coors brand to local favorites, such as Ipse Dixit and Gratitude Five, beer lovers are sure to find an enjoyable beverage.


For the dogs. Some places are more welcoming to our four-legged friends than others, and Colorado undoubtedly qualifies as a dog-friendly environment. Many establishments also welcome pooches inside their buildings, too. Plus, most residents enjoy the company of their dogs while adventuring in Colorado outdoors.

Moving to Colorado

As the 21st most populous state, Colorado’s population is 5.77 million. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Colorado grew by 1.32% from 2018 to 2019. Unsurprisingly, Colorado’s growth rate is the seventh fastest in the nation. Plenty of individuals are discovering the state’s natural beauty and a thriving economy. Colorado does have a higher cost of living in some parts, but despite the price tag, more people are moving here versus moving away. Also, those heading to Colorado tend to be in their twenties and at a rate of about 60,000 to 75,000 per year.

Colorado Economic Outlook

From county to county, Colorado’s economy is thriving, landing the state GDP at $384.4 billion. Plus, the unemployment rate is 2.7%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is below the national average of 3.6% as of October 2019. Although growth was slower than in 2018, the job market and average incomes display positive trends, which will likely remain unchanged in the coming years. Because the state highly depends on its natural resources, Colorado is trying to diversify its economy more.

Colorado’s overall economy continues to grow, though the expansion is limited in some industries. Mainly this trend is occurring because throngs of unskilled workers are relocating to Colorado but are unable to fill positions requiring skilled professionals. Even with economic holdups in some parts of the state, Colorado’s forecast is healthy and secure.

As one of the most beautiful states in which to live, Colorado is perfect for anyone who loves nature and adventure. However, because of its recent popularity, some parts of the state are undoubtedly more affordable than others. The overall cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, though Colorado has notoriously inexpensive utilities.

The following is a breakdown of Colorado’s largest sectors by real value added of GDP:

$61.4 billion
Finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing
$51.15 billion
Professional and business services
$37.97 billion
Government and government enterprises
$24.12 billion
Educational services, health care, and social assistance
$23.54 billion

Who are Colorado's Largest Employers?

Denver International Airport
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
University of Colorado-Boulder
HealthONE Corporation
Centura Health

Places to live in Colorado

In all of Colorado’s 104,194 square miles of outdoor wonder, several cities make for optimal places to call home. Although the population boom in Colorado has created an uptick in the cost of living, it’s still the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, it has tons more to offer, no matter if you’re surrounded by the Rocky Mountains or the Great Plains!


In the Wild West days, Denver was founded as a mining hub. Because of its 5,279-foot elevation, it’s nicknamed the “Mile High City.” Although Denver is not officially a mountain town, many of its 2,798,684 residents are avid skiers and outdoor enthusiasts. U.S. News ranked Denver as its #2 best places to live based on the quality of life and job market.

Cost of living
12% higher than the national average
Median home price
Average rent
Average apartment size
841 square feet

Colorado Springs

With a population of 698,595, Colorado Springs falls into line after Denver as the #3 best places to live according to U.S. News. With a low cost of living and a low unemployment rate, this city has much to offer. Whether it’s hiking, biking, or climbing around the city, Colorado Springs is an excellent place for adventurers. Plus, the weather is typically optimal for outdoor activities.

Cost of living
6% lower than the national average
Median home price
Average rent
Average apartment size
840 square feet


Aurora has been nicknamed the “Gateway to the Rockies,” and is also considered the most active city in the U.S. Many of its 374,144 residents live a healthy and active lifestyle. The city is a retail paradise and features a vibrant arts culture, too.

Cost of living
5% higher than the national average
Median home price
Average rent
Average apartment size
842 square feet

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