Welcome to Mississippi

Your life in the Magnolia State begins


Welcome to Mississippi

Tall pines, beautiful beaches, plenty of space to explore: These are just a few of the reasons to move to Mississippi. Birthplace of the blues, you can guarantee that culture is a really important aspect of Mississippi, a state that is known for its southern hospitality and delicious southern food.

Mississippi is perfect for those who want a more laid back lifestyle. Take a stroll along the riverbank under a canopy of Magnolia flowers or go on the free self guided tour on the Mississippi Blues Trail! This southern state is full of some beautiful smaller towns like Cleveland, Oxford, Ocean Springs, or Vicksburg with its Southern Gothic architecture. And if you need a little more hustle to your bustle, there’s Jackson, which is still relatively small and easy going; and just bordering Mississippi’s northern and southern borders are the lively cities of Memphis, TN and New Orleans, LA.

Mississippi Self-Storage Facts

A nationwide rise in self-storage construction has been ongoing for the last several years. Like most areas of the country, Mississippi is seeing increased levels of self-storage development as investors look to enter new markets. Self-storage is often thought of as a recession-resistant business, so many investors may be hedging that it is a good place to put their money ahead of any future recession. Look for new self-storage developments going into growing parts of the state to accommodate the needs of movers and small businesses.

Below is an overview of the current state of the Mississippi self-storage market:

Below are some statistics that provide an overview of the self-storage industry in Mississippi:


Mississippi is home to about 570 self-storage facilities.


Mississippi self-storage facilities cover 16,574,257 square feet of storage space.


Mississippi storage facilities offer 5.55 square feet of storage per person, which is close to the national average of 5.4 square feet per person.

Reasons to Move to Mississippi


Easy living. With one of the lowest costs of living and limited job markets, Mississippi is perfect for retirees and those working remotely. It’s hardly every cold so you can enjoy hanging on the porch sipping ice tea most of the year round.


Great food. Mississippi is known for their southern food, especially the BBQ. In Jackson, there are several well loved family-owned restaurants that have been feeding customers for decades.


Civil Rights Museum. Learn about one of the most important movements in American History, highlighting Mississippian’s who changed the course of history and paved the way for activists today.


Beautiful beaches. Located on the Gulf Coast, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy. The beautiful, protected Gulf Island National seashore spans 160 miles from Mississippi into Florida.


Pine forests. Mississippi is home to over 1.2 million acres of national forests. Go camping in the lush piney hills and go canoeing in the lake at the Clear Springs Recreation Center.


Higher education. There are over 50 colleges, universities, and technical skills in Mississippi. That’s a lot for a smaller state!


Historic battlefields. There are several historic sites where Civil War battles took place in Mississippi, the most famous one being the battle of Vicksburg.


Pig ear sliders. Try this local delicacy for only $1.50 at The Big Apple Inn in Jackson. On second thought, don't.


Petrified forest. Open year round, visitors can go on a short and easy walk to view 36 million old petrified fir and maple logs.


Kermit the Frog Museum. The museum in Leland, Mississippi is where Jim Henson was thought to played with his friend “Kermit Scott” amongst the local natural attractions.

Moving to Mississippi

Mississippi is the 35th most populous state with 2.98 million residents as of 2019. The current population growth rate is between .05 percent and .30 percent, which is slower than most states. For comparison, Idaho has one of the highest growth rates at 2.05%. Mississippi’s population is expected to grow to about 3.15 million by 2020. It seems while there has been some growth in the last few years, Mississippi’s millennial population has dropped more than any other state, losing 35,013 people from 2010-2016. This is likely due to job opportunities in other states.

Mississippi Economic Outlook

Slow and steady, Mississippi has one of the lower GDP annual growth rates at .3%. In 2017, the GDP was $96.8 billion, making it the 15th smallest. Some growth is better than no growth! In August 2019, the unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, slightly higher than August 2018, when the rate was at 4.7 percent.

Mississippi’s economic growth for 2019 and 2020 is expected to increase by 1.2%. Much like Mississippi’s other stats, change is slow. Cost of living is 10% lower than the national average and the median home price is $187,000, making Mississippi one of the least expensive states to move to.

Below are a few of Mississippi's top industries by real GDP value added:


Who are Mississippi's Largest Employers?

STA-Home Health and Hospice
Sanderson Farms
Commerce Bancorp
Greek Orthodox Church of Holy
Island View Casino and Resort

Places to live in Mississippi

Whether you want to enjoy that country living or get a taste of the city life, Mississippi has it all. Nature lovers get ready. Mississippi is home to lush pine forests and 161 miles of preserved national seashore.


Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, is home to 170,674 people, and is Mississippi’s only city with a population over 100,000. The city is named after General Andrew Jackson and has a rich, but complicated history. Home to several renowned museums and historic restaurants with deliciously unique dishes, there are plenty of things to do and see in Jackson.

Cost of living
11% lower than the national average
Median home price
Average rent
Average apartment size
930 square feet


Gulfport is the second largest city in Mississippi with a population of 71,856 inhabitants. Hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the city has since gone through some major reconstruction. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, visitors can enjoy the white sand beaches, stand up paddle-boarding, and sailing, as well as some yummy seafood.

Cost of living
11% lower than the national average
Median home price
Average rent
Average apartment size
930 square feet


The third largest city in Mississippi is Southaven, with around 52,589 inhabitants. Considered to be part of the greater Memphis area, Southaven is known for its BBQ and outdoor activities.

Cost of living
17% lower than the national average
Median home price
Average rent
Average apartment size
984 square feet

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