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What To Know Before Making Akron Your Home

Akron, Ohio, is a city with many nicknames. You may hear locals call it Tree City, Polymer Valley, or the City of Invention, but its official nickname is Rubber City. This moniker is thanks to Akron's mass production of rubber for tire companies, making it the rubber capital of the world.

This innovative city is roughly 40 miles south of Cleveland and has a population hovering around 200,000. Besides its polymer and rubber industries, Akron is known for establishing the K-12 grade school system and being home to the University of Akron. Go Zips!

A Promising City For Young Professionals

Akron's economy is steady and diverse. It's home to many new startups and tech companies, making it an excellent place for entrepreneurs. The unemployment rate is below the national average, and Akron is considered one of the best suburbs in Ohio for young professionals. Some of the biggest employers in the city are Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Summa Health, and the Akron Public Schools System.

If You're A Student In Akron, You'll Most Likely Be A Zip!

Akron has several colleges and universities to choose from, but most students in the city attend the home of the Zips, The University of Akron. The school has over 12,000 undergraduates, a 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and over 200 degrees and programs. UA also has an astounding 340+ student groups to choose from, so there is truly something for everyone!

Families Love Affordable Akron

One of Akron's biggest draws for families is its low cost of living. In fact, it's considered one of the most affordable cities in the country. Other perks of family living in Akron are the city's hospitality and the bevy of fun attractions and events. Your kids can tap into their inner artists at the Akron Art Museum, ride a train on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, or interact with the animal kingdom at the Akron Zoo. Also, there's plenty of opportunity to explore the great outdoors in the city's many parks.

Top Neighborhoods In Rubber City

Goodyear Heights This popular neighborhood, named after the famous tire company, has close to 20,000 residents. It's loved by families and young professionals due to its affordability and large business district. Goodyear Heights has plenty of amenities and more park space than any other neighborhood in Akron. An area favorite is the Goodyear Heights Metro Park.

Highland Square

If you're a fan of vibrant and diverse neighborhoods, you'll love Highland Square! Popular with singles and young professionals, this district has an exciting arts scene and plenty of nightlife opportunities. You'll also find hot dining spots and spaces to enjoy the outdoors, like Highland Triangle Park or the Akron Zoo.

Northwest Akron

The best way to describe Northwest Akron is family-friendly. This tight-knit community loves welcoming new residents to the neighborhood. This area is home to the Sand Run Metro Park, where you can bike, hike, or jog the trails. Want to spend some time with your new neighbors? Check out the Northwest Community Center. It hosts entertaining events year-round to celebrate the community.

Finding Storage In Akron

Self-storage units are a lifesaver when it comes to big moves. Our storage units in Akron, Ohio, have amenities like round-the-clock access hours and climate-controlled storage for your convenience and peace of mind. Head online to check out our size guide and contact our customer service for any questions about our storage facilities.

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Frequently asked questions

Ideally, it is beneficial to compile a list of all items you plan to store, roughly estimate the total volume, and then compare this with the capacities of different storage unit sizes. Also remember to account for any larger items or unusual shapes that might require additional space.

Organize your items by sorting them into groups, either by function, size, or whether you plan to keep, trash, or donate/sell them. Labels and colorcoding can be helpful in categorizing boxes.

It's possible to request a storage unit with an electrical outlet in certain instances. However, these units might not be commonplace and could come with a higher rental cost.

The average cost of storage units can vary greatly due to several factors such as location, demand, unit size, and facility amenities. For instance, the average price for a storage unit in Akron is currently $84.33.

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Best Priced Storage Units in Akron, OH

A storage unit’s price is based on several factors, including the facility’s amenities (such as 24/7 access, free use of truck), the storage unit’s amenities (such as climate control, electrical outlet), facility location, unit location (a ground floor unit will be more expensive), and overall demand in your area.

When looking at pricing for storage units in Akron, it’s important to think about rental rates in terms of price for value. Sometimes, the cheapest storage unit doesn’t always mean it’s the best unit for YOUR needs.