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Cedar Ridge Storage

2708 140Th Street NorthwestSwisher, IA 52338(512) 361-1686

3.5 out of 5 - based on 4 reviewsCedar Ridge Storage

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12' x 35'Parking Space
  • Vehicle
  • Outdoor-uncovered
$65.00per month
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12' x 45'Parking Space
  • Vehicle
  • Outdoor-uncovered
$70.00per month
Customer Reviews of this Facility (4)
Quick & Helpful
I was looking for a storage unit last minute & called because of their reasonable prices. When I called, Loren helped set me up with my unit & sent over paperwork for me to sign all within 20 mins. When I arrived to pick up the key & drop off the check, I realized the unit was too small & I was worried there would be a problem since I already signed paperwork. But both Loren & Ian said it was no trouble at all & had everything figured out & paid for by the next day. I really appreciated them working with me in such a timely manner. There was some wetness on the ground in the unit as its been down pouring for about a week now but nothing that was a problem for me.

Cedar Ridge Storage

Price - 4/5
Paperwork - 5/5
Service - 4/5
Cleanliness - 4/5
Do not recommend to anyone.
I rented out one of the smallest units to use for a month or so in the winter. Had some boxes, a couple couches & my mattress in the unit. I went to go retrieve my stuff to discover the whole parking lot and outside of the units was covered in a thick sheet of ice. Okay big deal, it’s whatever, not my main concern. Opened my unit to discover water had leaked all over the floor and froze causing the fabric on my couches and mattress to stick to the ground, managed to get it up but ruined my furniture in the process. Had 3 people helping me move, we all slipped and fell in the process at least once. I called the owners to let them know what was going on just for them to be rude and extremely unhelpful. Told me “it would probably thaw in a couple days” and maybe if “I got a space heater that would help”. Overall very disappointed and now I have to replace furniture I don’t have the extra money for right now.

Cedar Ridge Storage

Price - 3/5
Paperwork - 4/5
Service - 1/5
Cleanliness - 2/5

Manager's Response

It was unfortunate the tenant moved in at night during a heavy rainstorm in February. The units are outside access and are not climate controlled. Items will freeze in winter if not properly dried off prior to storage.
Cheap, easy to get to but wet??
I visited the storage place with a friend and it was nice, the man in charge was also delightful, very nice. But when I came back there was some wetness on the ground causing my parents to think I had poorly judge the unit. I'm not sure how or when the wetness got there but it was fine we put some pallets down to protect my furniture and all was well.

Cedar Ridge Storage

Price - 4/5
Paperwork - 5/5
Service - 4/5
Cleanliness - 2/5
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