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Living in Scottsdale

Known as The West's Most Western Town, Scottsdale is just northeast of Phoenix. It features vast open spaces and sunny desert landscapes that are perfect for experiencing the outdoors.

Scottsdale has many affordable neighborhoods, making it a great place to start a family. Its proximity to both the mountains and the beach ensures you are only a drive away from ideal winter and summer vacations. Read on to learn more about life in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale's Cost of Living

The cost of living in Scottsdale, Arizona, is 15% higher than the national average. However, utilities and transportation cost less than the United States average. In 2023, the median home price in Scottsdale is about $730,000 while the average rent in Scottsdale is approximately $2,105 monthly.

When relocating to Scottsdale, renting storage space for unused household belongings can be a good idea. Scottsdale storage facilities provide a wide range of storage unit sizes, so use our size guide to select one that best meets your storage needs. Scottsdale self-storage facilities also offer various amenities, such as climate controlled storage units and 24 hour storage access.

Scottsdale's Job Market and Economy

Scottsdale's diverse job market and economy make it a great location for job seekers and young professionals who already have their careers underway.

Some of the leading industries in the area include:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

The many country clubs, golf courses, resorts, spas and hotels in Scottsdale support thousands of jobs for all types of skill sets and for residents at all stages of their careers.

Schools and Universities in Scottsdale

If you're looking for higher education opportunities, the Scottsdale area is home to several top-rated colleges and universities, including Scottsdale Community College and the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. Students and educators also commute from Scottsdale to Arizona State University's campuses in Tempe and Downtown Phoenix.

Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Scottsdale

With world-class golf courses and stunning desert views, Scottsdale is a diverse city with excellent neighborhoods. Below are some of the top neighborhoods in Scottsdale.

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale has a vibrant nightlife. Formerly known as Downtown Scottsdale, this area is the heart of the city and a popular tourist destination due to its abundance of exciting nightlife options, unique boutiques, and family-friendly attractions.

South Scottsdale

South Scottsdale is one of Scottsdale's more lively communities. The area is positioned between Tempe and the affluent North Scottsdale region of Phoenix, making it appealing to young professionals and families with young children. It's a popular place to live because of its enjoyable atmosphere and proximity to restaurants, breweries and other fun places along North Scottsdale Road that are perfect for family outings.

DC Ranch

DC Ranch is one of the most desirable areas to live in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's a safe area with a ton of amenities, such as walking paths. Most DC Ranch enclaves are gated.

Scottsdale Suburbs

While Scottsdale has a diverse set of neighborhoods, living in an urban area isn't for everyone. For those who would prefer to live outside the city, but still close enough to commute for work or dinner, consider suburbs such as Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley Village and Desert Ridge.

If you're moving to the area, make the transition as smooth as possible by taking advantage of storage solutions in Scottsdale.

Frequently asked questions

You can store your items in a self-storage unit for an indefinite period, as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions of the facility and keep up with your monthly payments. However, if you foresee a very long storage period, it may be worth discussing a long-term rental agreement with the facility.

Size significantly affects the cost of storage units. The bigger the unit, the higher the cost. However, other factors such as location, climate control, and security features might affect costs as well.

Yes, there are restrictions about what can be stored in a unit. Most facilities do not allow you to store living creatures, perishable items, highly-valuable merchandise or currencies, hazardous materials, or any illegal substances or goods.

Storage unit prices can fluctuate based on many different factors. On average, in Scottsdale, you might expect to pay around $81.98 for a storage unit.

Average Unit Price

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Best Priced Storage Units in Scottsdale, AZ

A storage unit’s price is based on several factors, including the facility’s amenities (such as 24/7 access, free use of truck), the storage unit’s amenities (such as climate control, electrical outlet), facility location, unit location (a ground floor unit will be more expensive), and overall demand in your area.

When looking at pricing for storage units in Scottsdale, it’s important to think about rental rates in terms of price for value. Sometimes, the cheapest storage unit doesn’t always mean it’s the best unit for YOUR needs.