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Whether you're new to the Chicago area and need short-term storage while you move, downsizing or just clearing a little extra space in your home, a storage unit can be a convenient solution. has hundreds of listings for storage facilities across the Chicago area with storage units in a range of sizes and amenities like temperature control and drive-up access. The simplest way to find the right storage solution near you is to narrow your search by ZIP code, address or neighborhood and filter the results by your required amenities and unit size.

Moving to Chicago

With a population of almost 3 million, Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. after New York and Los Angeles, and its metropolitan area places it in the World's Top 40.

With plenty of business opportunities, well-paid jobs, and dozens of top-rated colleges and universities, Chicago attracts newcomers all year round. If you are one of them, it is worth taking a look at what the city has to offer both economically and in terms of neighborhoods before making your move.

Chicago Opportunities for All

College students

The University of Chicago is ranked 5th in the United States and Top 10 worldwide, covering a range of arts and sciences, medicine, business, and public policy studies. Other notable universities in the area include Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and the Illinois Institute of Technology, better known as Illinois Tech.

Job seekers

The top 3 employers in Chicago are the U.S. Government, Chicago Public Schools, and the City of Chicago, and the largest corporations with headquarters here include Boeing, Walgreens, United Continental, and Sears. The tech industry has the most open jobs, followed by health care, transportation, food services, and retail.


The City of Chicago offers free support to start-up entrepreneurs and business owners via Neighborhood Business Development Centers (NBDC). Economic development initiatives under DPD u2014 the Department of Planning and Development u2014 include funding opportunities like the Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF), Chicago PACE, and Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Chicago Neighborhoods to Consider

Lincoln Park and Old Town

A great area for live music, entertainment, and recreational activities, these neighborhoods are ideal for young professionals and indie businesses. With great schools and plenty of green space around, it is also a top choice among young families that love the big city vibe.

The Loop

Chicago's official downtown area is dynamic and filled with cultural attractions, parks, shops, and restaurants. Less affordable than the old town, it is still a safe area, very well connected with public transit, extremely walkable, and with good schools.

Gold Coast

This wealthy historical neighborhood is the home of the original Playboy mansion and the famous Magnificent Mile. It is the place to go if you love luxury, designer boutiques, praised restaurants, and gorgeous beaches. And if you can afford it, of course.


Located north of downtown Chicago and home to the iconic Navy Pier, you can be in the middle of the city and still feel connected to nature here. It is popular among business professionals that like to balance nightlife with lakefront views, sandy beaches, and green parks.

Living in Chicago

Whether moving homes for a better job, looking to open a small business, or attending one of the prestigious universities in and around Chicago, you will find extra storage space extremely handy. Public transportation is very reliable and you can use it to get around the city daily, so it makes sense to opt for car storage if you own a car and only need it for occasional trips.

Given the cold winters and frequent heat waves during summer, climate-controlled storage units are a must, and boat storage pays off if you enjoy exploring Lake Michigan on your own. Check out all the Chicago storage units available and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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Frequently asked questions

You can typically fit a standard bedroom or office's worth of items in a 5x10 storage unit. This may include furniture like a queen-size bed or a desk, a television, and multiple small to mid-size boxes. In terms of cost, the average price of these units in Chicago is $75.91.

Even though you might be able to physically modify a unit, I must stress that it's both illegal and against the rules of most storage facilities. These spaces aren't outfitted for electricity, plumbing or suitable insulation.

While you can store furniture in a 5 x 10 unit, it's important to remember that larger pieces like big couches or kingsized beds may not be accommodated. A larger unit may be needed for such items.

Small storage units typically require less investment than larger ones. As a result, they offer a costefficient storage solution for those with fewer storage needs.

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Best Priced Storage Units in Chicago, IL

A storage unit's price is based on several factors, including the facility's amenities (such as 24/7 access, free use of truck), the storage unit's amenities (such as climate control, electrical outlet), facility location, unit location (a ground floor unit will be more expensive), and overall demand in your area.

When looking at pricing for storage units in Chicago, it's important to think about rental rates in terms of price for value. Sometimes, the cheapest storage unit doesn't always mean it's the best unit for YOUR needs.