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Prime Storage - Lexington - Angliana Ave

527 Angliana AvenueLexington KY 4050811.5 miles away
3 out of 5 - Based on 4 reviews

Starting at $146.00

20' Long Parking

First Month Half Off

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Prime Storage - Lexington

910 Enterprise CourtLexington KY 4051010.4 miles away
4 out of 5 - Based on 19 reviews

Starting at $76.00

Staff was semi-helpful but overall it was not a good experience.Full Review
dont use this service this place stole my items and i have never missed a payment and was not given proper notice to retrieve my items i was told that the only reason she did not give me the notice was because i was in another state and it would have to be retrieved in 24 to 48 hours/, first of all, she didn't knows where was and didn't me time or notice/her name i Christina she very rude and does not need dealing with people my mom's ashes were in my storage so of course, i would have retrieved my property she was yelling asking what did i want her to do she probably has them in her house allegedly i have to contact lawyers and sue this is an outrage to treat peoples property like that without the proper procedures i have every correspondence as well as the records then she wants to say she will contact the buyer well she may not have to look far allegedly she is the corporate if i could give negative 100 i would do not use this placeFull Review

20' Long Parking

First Month FREE

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Self Storage Center 3

1998 Oxford DriveGeorgetown KY 403243.5 miles away
4 out of 5 - Based on 2 reviews

Starting at $70.00

10' x 24' Parking

ADA Accessible, Premium Location


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Storage Sense - Georgetown

277 Quality DriveGeorgetown KY 403241.6 miles away
4.5 out of 5 - Based on 4 reviews

Starting at $69.00

From reserving unit, to completing paperwork and paying, I have had nothing but excellent service. Security gates are easy to use with personal code, on-site lighting more than adequate, and hours of access more than sufficient. Would definitely recommend!Full Review
We were able to reserve our unit two weeks in advance which was really helpful and we completed the paperwork when we arrived. The lady was very nice and helpful. The unit was clean and we were able to drive up. The only thing I would have like to have known first was that the unit was on a hill. Some of the units are on a hill that "steps up" for each unit. Not necessarily a bad thing but I would have liked to have known ahead of time.Full Review

10' x 20' Parking


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Capital Self Storage

193 Versailles RoadFrankfort KY 4060115 miles away

Starting at $125.00

12' x 40' Parking


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Prime Storage - Lexington Frankfort Ct.

2278 Frankfort CtLexington KY 405109.8 miles away
4.5 out of 5 - Based on 4 reviews

Starting at $60.00

I brought in my paperwork, and after a bit we got everything straightened out and i got my unit. As promised! Del was very helpful and was available when he said he would be. Highly recommend this placeFull Review

20' Long Parking


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Storage Rentals of America - Georgetown

135 Connector RdGeorgetown KY 403241.5 miles away
5 out of 5 - Based on 4 reviews

Starting at $72.00

The owners were the sweetest and most helpful people I've met in a long time coming from a northern state to KY. Paperwork took a while because we were talking and laughing so much. Gated and secure space, the only concern was the drainage being so steep it felt like my explorer SUV was going to tip over!Full Review
I'm glad they helped me in my time of need great storage facility and would recommend to anyone.Full Review

26' Long Parking


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Storage Rentals of America - Nicholasville

137 Imperial WayNicholasville KY 4035621.3 miles away
5 out of 5 - Based on 4 reviews

Starting at $81.00

Friendly staff. Quick process. Very clean facility. Easy access.Full Review
The staff was friendly and helpful. Upgraded to a climate-controlled unit and was given the benefit of a special I wasn't aware of which made the price right within my budget. Rental was quick and easy and the unit was clean and accessible.Full Review

26' Long Parking

First Two Months Free

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Prime Storage - Nicholasville Industry Pkwy.

112 Industry RoadNicholasville KY 4035618.6 miles away
5 out of 5 - Based on 6 reviews

Starting at $105.00

Needed a cheap quality storage placeFull Review
Super helpful staff to get me in on short noticeFull Review

ABC Storage - Nicholasville - 481 Virginia Ln

481 Virginia LnNicholasville KY 4035622.1 miles away
4 out of 5 - Based on 21 reviews

Starting at $59.00

I was happy that there was a unit available on such short notice!Full Review
I've no problems...clean, easy to rent--autopay & on my way. Good security.Full Review

12' x 25' Parking

Vehicle Storage Only


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Storage Rentals of America - Winchester - 1320 Bypass Road

1320 Bypass RoadWinchester KY 4039123.9 miles away
2.5 out of 5 - Based on 3 reviews

Starting at $72.47

I would definitely recommend this storage facility to friends and family.Full Review
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Storage Sense - Nicholasville

1030 Elizabeth StreetNicholasville KY 4035620.2 miles away
5 out of 5 - Based on 1 review

Starting at $62.00

Staff ladies are wonderful- EVERY time I have spoken with them on the phone or in person. This time around was a last-minute stop when I had to unload a large UHaul unexpectedly. Getting a large unit and having it so clean were about the only things that went right that day for me. And the online special was a big cherry on top!!!! LOVE the wide gate for large trucks to fit through without having to pull in the side mirrors is common sense and this place has it! The driving areas are mostly flat and unlike the horrendous other storage places I've used where it's a deep mountain valley going down any "alley" to get in or out, or to your unit. THIS set-up won't have your car OR truck bottoming out and causing damage. I do wish the units all had electric outlets, though, for a light or whatever. And I do wish for 24/7 access BUT early morning to 10pm is actually ok- I just have an odd schedule and it's nice to just stop in when I'm already nearby.Full Review

9' x 30' Parking

50% Off 1 Month

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Most Common Types of RV Storage in Georgetown, KY

Covered RV Storage in Georgetown

While it's usually the more expensive option, covered RV storage is the safest, most secure way to store your camper or trailer in Georgetown. In most cases, covered storage is simply a parking spot with a roof, however some facilities offer an indoor RV storage option, sometimes referred to as enclosed storage. This type of RV storage is an over-sized version of a traditional storage unit with drive-up access of course.

Uncovered RV Storage Georgetown

This RV storage option is basically an open parking space on the storage facility's property, and is the least expensive option for RV storage. Some RV storage facilities in Georgetown do have paved parking areas specifically for trailers and campers, but either way your RV will be outdoors and exposed to the elements. If you opt for this storage type we recommend purchasing a good RV cover.

Tips For Storing a RV and Trailer in Georgetown, KY

  • Measure your RV before you rent your unit to make sure you choose the right size
  • Give the camper a good cleaning before placing it in storage
  • Apply a coat of wax
  • Change the motor oil
  • Flush out the waste tanks
  • Purchase fuel stabilizer
  • Inflate the tires
  • Unload everything from your trailer
  • Make sure the slide-outs are retracted
  • Once in storage, disconnect the battery
  • Make sure light can get into the RV
  • If possible, leave the vents open

Read our full list of RV storage tips for more details.

Frequently asked questions

On average it costs $154.00 per month to store an RV in Georgetown.

The best option for long-term RV storage is at a storage facility, especially if you don't have a big enough garage to store it at home. To prevent any damage, indoor RV storage might be the best option. You can compare RV storage prices and browse discounts in Georgetown on SelfStorage.com.

Because indoor RV storage provides more protection, it usually does cost more per month in Georgetown than an outdoor covered parking space.

Many facilities do offer discounts for new customers, plus, you can find and compare all RV storage sizes and facilities on SelfStorage.com to find the best discount.